Caveman wine & wild vines in Italy & Eric the Red’s excellent article on Valle d’Aosta

valle d'aosta wines eric asimov

Above: That’s the village of Donnas, Valle d’Aosta, in the distance (photo taken from the village of Carema). Click the image for a high-res version.

Eric the Red’s excellent article and tasting notes on the Valle d’Aosta last week reminded me that I have neglected to repost the video below by my friend, wine writer, publisher, and winery consultant Maurizio Gily.

In it, Maurizio visits Mt. Fenera Park (not far from Donnas in the Valle d’Aosta) where he and his colleagues inspect wild pre-phylloxera vines and ancient cave dwellings where they believe pre-historic viticulture may have emerged.

The discoveries are significant, in part because they offer evidence that the Etruscans and early Greek settlers may have not been the first to make wine on the Italic peninsula. And ampelographically speaking, the plants may offer clues as to the truly indigenous (and genetically pure) origins of Italian grape varieties.

The video is in Italian but it’s easy to follow (and the images are what is most important).

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