Sincere wine in SF & the best show of the NN+ tour

veau qu'a bu l'r

Honestly, I don’t get the joke or paronomasia behind the label of the Veau qu’a bu l’r (the calf who drank the r). Maybe it has something to do with the Israelites’ golden calf?

What I can tell you is that — at least according to the internets — is a carbonic maceration old-vine Marsanne from some folks in southern France who have a groovy winemaking operation called Domaine de l’Ancestra

michael housewright san francisco

Photo by my buddy Michael Housewright. Thanks, dude, for coming out to the show!

I can also tell you with certainty that it’s delicious: we drank it before the Nous Non Plus show on Friday in San Francisco at Terroir (not where we played but where we drank).

I gladly paid a mere $40 for it basing my selection solely on my trust of the wine merchants at Selection Massale, Cory Cartwright and Guilhaume Gerard, and their superlative palates and mission to bring Natural “sincere” wines to the U.S. from France (“sincere” is my new term for what used to be called “Natural” wine).

Great wine, great value.

bardot a go go

If you get to the party early enough, they’ll do your hair up go-go stye.

Our tour was so much freakin’ fun and the last night in SF at the Bardot a Go Go party was over the top.

joachim cooder

So much fun to play with Joachim Cooder on drums (right). He is so amazing, with such nuance and grooviness in his playing and personality.

nous non plus rick shaw

I’m super glad to be back at home with my girls but, man, there is something to be said for gettin’ yer ya-yas out.

Thanks to all who came out to rock out with us!

Buona domenica, yall! Happy Sunday…

5 thoughts on “Sincere wine in SF & the best show of the NN+ tour

  1. Salud, Non-plussed!
    Man, howwhen EVer’m I gonna catch yr band & meetcha face à face?
    Joaquín has played with still-strong Pete Seeger, n’est-ce pas?

    Hmm, I think to my mutiliingual ears, the pun might work it better with a more literary, Éluardian bent, if le veau had purely drunk de l’air…it’s all a matter of the width across your proficient voCabyoulary…best wishes.

  2. PS– Carbonic MarsanNation! Man, gotta talk Guille into helping me set up Puerto Rico distro– or sumptink! Is he getting any into NYC?

  3. Veau qu’a bu l’r is “the calf who drank the air” where “air” is (almost)how you pronounce the letter “r” in French. The joke is related to the picture of the calf blowing up the balloon or viceversa.

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