Angelo Gaja’s vintage notes 1958-2011

Above: Each one of the Gaja wineries is also home to an art collection. I snapped the above image in the foyer of the Piedmont cellar the last time I tasted there.

The following post recently came to my attention: Angelo Gaja’s vintage notes 1958-2011, anecdotes, insights, and reflections (many in hindsight).

I can’t conceal that I found it to be a fascinating document and I wanted to share it here.

4 thoughts on “Angelo Gaja’s vintage notes 1958-2011

      • Jeremy, Levi, and Do,

        Thank you all.

        Signore Gaja’s notes present informative testimony from an authoritative source. So many interesting points of contrast are raised in them. I loved 70 and 71 best. It seems 64 is the real benchmark. I never had the chance to know one that was aged less than 50 years but have been fortunate enough to know more than a dozen in the last 8 years.

        What authoritative notes can be found of the vintages before 1958? There is information out there, but is there anything like Gaja’s notes from anyone similarly close to the vine?

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