Pinot Grigio Nation (consumerist hegemony in America)

Above: I grabbed this recently snapped photo of ripe Pinot Grigio — a red, not white, grape — from my friend Ale’s blog.

When my editor at the Houston Press forwarded me a press release announcing the release of Drew Barrymore’s Pinot Grigio, it was time to act…

Here’s my post on our Pinot Grigio Nation.

I’ll see you at the Olive Garden where I’ll be dining on “the never ending pasta bowl,” topped with Ragù pasta sauce and a slice of Kraft “parmesan,” paired with my favorite brand of mayonnaise soda (I will buy a glass of wine for anyone who can tell me what Lou Reed song I’m referring to here).

Thanks for reading. I’m as hung over as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!

5 thoughts on “Pinot Grigio Nation (consumerist hegemony in America)

  1. Alfonso, you have just won yourself a glass of wine! :)

    It’s funny: when Lou Reed wrote that song, no one would have ever imagined “bacon ice cream”… I hope that doesn’t mean that Tori Spelling is coming out with a new mayonnaise soda!

    awesome album by Lou Reed, no?

  2. Hey, when we tip the bottle up, does Drew Barrymore’s top go down so we can see her boobies – like those ball point pens in the ’70s? If that is the case, I’ll buy a case of her Pinot Grigio.

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