Blasphemous pizza pairing last night @SottoLA (Charles Scicolone would approve)

Had to start with the pittule (Pugliese fritters with vincotto and ricotta), paired with Donkey & Goat Sluicebox (pronounced PEE-too-leh, btw).

All things considered, I still think that pizzaiolo and chef Zach makes one of the best — if not the best — authentic Margherita in the U.S.

To celebrate the birthday of my good friend (and agent who just scored us the NN+ HBO Girls license) Michael, we opened a bottle of 1993 Struzziero Taurasi Campoceraso — unbelievable.

93 was a classic, balanced (as opposed to americana) vintage in Taurasi and is considered one of the greatest of the decade.

I was blown away by the bright acidity and brilliant fruit in this wine, tempered by the characteristic minerality and earthiness of botte-aged Aglianico. (The most hilarious tweet today, btw, by @JohnQBoxler: “I like big botti and i cannot lie.”)

Pizza and old Taurasi? Blasphemous!

Charles Sciolone would approve, no doubt.

2 thoughts on “Blasphemous pizza pairing last night @SottoLA (Charles Scicolone would approve)

  1. I’m flattered. Your blog is my absolute must-read everyday. Regards to your beautiful family. Best, John

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