McMalbec, my post today @EatingOurWords @HoustonPress

My editor asked me to write something about a wine from Argentina and so I just couldn’t help myself…

When my wife Tracie P and I pulled the synthetic cork out of a bottle of Terrazas de los Andes Altos del Plata Malbec on Saturday evening at a family function, we joked that we could write the tasting note without even sampling the contents: “Bright jammy fruit, with an intense blueberry note, aggressive but balanced alcohol, reluctant acidity but quaffable nonetheless, a crowd-pleaser for under $10.”

Let’s face it. Wines from Argentina are like McDonald’s. And that’s a good thing, people! No matter where you go, you know that a Big Mac will taste exactly like the Big Mac you enjoy (when hungover) at your corner franchise.

And like Mickey D’s secret sauce, the Argentine wine formula is a winner all over the world.

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One thought on “McMalbec, my post today @EatingOurWords @HoustonPress

  1. I think that your picture is showing an egg McMuffin, not a big mac.
    This is obviously arising from a poor grasp of American cuisine !

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