What I do for a living…

Folks often ask me just what it is that I do for a living…

After receiving my doctorate in Italian (UCLA, 1997) and getting my start in the wine writing business as the chief wine writer for La Cucina Italiana (1998-2000, New York), I began working as a freelance copywriter for New York-based importers of Italian wine and spirits.

What started as a print-media monthly newsletter for Fratelli [Fernet] Branca (in New York) quickly grew into a business that provided content to importers like Terlato Wines International and Kobrand.

During my time in New York (1997-2007), I also worked as a media consultant for Italian Wine Merchants (at the time owned by Bastianich & Batali) and the restaurant-retail-importing group associated with I Trulli, where I was the company’s media director and online sales director for three years.

Twelve years later, my portfolio of clients includes high-profile wineries in Europe (some of whom I ghost write for); restaurants, wine distributors, and wineries in Texas; and wine professionals who wish to develop their online presence.

Not only do I provide content for their blogs, I also create marketing strategies for their products and manage their social media.

If you’d like to contact me about my services and consulting, please send me an email by clicking here.

To read more about my career in academia, wine writing, marketing consulting, and translating/interpreting, click here.

Here are just some of the blogs that I curate for my clients:


Tony’s (Houston)
Vino Vino (Austin)


Cantele (Puglia, Italy)
Boutari (Naoussa, Greece)
Duchman Family Winery (Driftwood, Texas)

Wine Distributors

Classified Wine & Spirits (Austin)

I also contribute content to a number of blogs…

At Sotto in Los Angeles, I curate the wine list and write for the blog.

And I also consult as a “wine blogging coach,” helping wine professionals to develop their online presence (often ex novo).

In the case of Italian Wine Geek, Joanie had no web presence whatsoever when she first approached me. We developed her virtual presence from scratch and I walked her through the steps of engagement beginning with the registration of her URL and culminating in tips for increasing traffic to her site. Today, she is fully engaged in the online wine community and she uses her blog as a networking tool to cultivate relationships with potential clients (she works for a major importer of European wine).

Translation and interpreting services are also available (Italian-English-Italian). My specialty is, of course, Italian wine and I received my formal training as an interpreter at the United Nations in 2003 (when Italy was EU president).

My motto, nulla dies sine linea, comes to me via Walter Benjamin, via Pliny the Elder, via Apelles. It means never go a day without drawing writing a line…

6 thoughts on “What I do for a living…

  1. Jeremy – No surprise that your work history is so varied and interesting. Did you work much with Sergio Esposito? Any thoughts on his book? IWM is very well presented; often I struggle to afford what they’re asking, but they introduced me to Paolo Bea. That’s a big plus.

    • Some time I’ll have to tell you the story of working with Fernet Branca. It was incredible, really.

      I did work with Sergio for about six months… long enough to hear him say “the only way to stop your employees from stealing from you is to make them think that you will kill them if you catch them.” That’s was about enough for me… but I’m not revealing anything that anyone in the New York wine business doesn’t already know.

      I did work on some of the very early versions of the book, which, ultimately, he didn’t write. But in all fairness, he is an amazing raconteur and a great teller of salty jokes.

      And the storage and provenance of the wines at IWM are truly impeccable, I must admit.

      I’ll tell you the whole story (and there are all the colorful anecdotes that you imagine) a voce

  2. Jeremy- thanks for mentioning me here! What a pleasure it always is to have my blog associated with you and yours. I can tell you, working with you was the SMARTEST decision I have made in my foray into blogging. You gave me such an effective crash-course in online media, and helped me develop an outlet for my professional and personal passions.

    Mille grazie!

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