Giuseppe Quintarelli has died…

If you’ve landed here, please see today’s post on Quintarelli with remembrances by his student Luca Fedrigo.

Italy’s top wine blogger Franco Ziliani has just posted the news that the great master of Valpolicella — one of the greatest winemakers of our lifetime — Giuseppe Quintarelli has died (photo via Wineries Wine).

I never had the chance to meet Quintarelli but I interviewed him on three occasions by phone. He was always very gracious, gentle, and jocular and he seemed to take great pleasure in speaking with the “American with the Veneto cadence.”

His passing comes after a long and debilitating battle with Parkinson’s disease.

Here’s my post on our visit to the winery last year (and here’s the thread of all my posts on Quintarelli and the wines).

And see also Elisabetta Tosi’s excellent post for Palate Press here.

I can remember every one of his wines that I’ve had the great pleasure to taste (like a 1993 Recioto della Valpolicella in magnum that I tasted in New York in 2005, one of the best wines I’ve ever had).

As he passes from this world to a better one, I know that his legacy will live on in his wines and a generation whose sensibilities were shaped by them… We are lucky to have had him — and the wines — here among us…

6 thoughts on “Giuseppe Quintarelli has died…

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  2. I still remember the ’83 Quintarelli Amarone we had at a wine tasting 10 years ago. It was an experience I still haven’t gotten over! May the master rest in peace.

  3. Thank you for the mention, Jeremy! I’ve never even had the opportunity to meet him personally, the only time I saw him I did not recognize him, and he did not present himself…

  4. His Alzero was a religious experience for me, and started me on my path into fine wines. If I were to have to give up my entire cellar, but were allowed to keep only my Quintarelli, then I would be content to drink the product of his brilliance alone.

    Bless him.

    The Blue Wine Pig

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  6. The greatest wines in the world, IMO. His Amarone, Val, Recioto (white and red) and the Alzero, the epitome of great wines.

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