Vita servare: Pediatric CPR Training

Vita servare is the motto of the Austin-Travis County EMS department. Vita means life in Latin and servare means to make safe, save, keep unharmed, preserve, guard, keep, protect, deliver, rescue (isn’t Latin awesome?).

Yesterday I completed my Pediatric and Adult CPR training at their main office.

I was the only layperson in the class: all the other participants were professional health care providers who were obtaining or renewing their certification (nurses, paramedics, etc.).

After 3 hours of performing CPR on manikins, man, I was exhausted! G-d bless all the folks who do this for living. We’re lucky to have them…

My heart filled with emotion and my blood with adrenaline when I held the infant manikin in my arms for the first time. I hope I never have to perform CPR on Baby P but I’m glad that I’m ready.

We’re just a few weeks away from our due date at this point. The discomfort is not easy to deal with but we’re hanging in there. I’m doing my best to make Tracie P as comfortable as possible. And, every day, I love her all the more for carrying our little one… My Italian friends call her la piccola Parzen

And, btw, I passed! :)

I highly recommend the class. Here’s the info.

Buona domenica, yall…

3 thoughts on “Vita servare: Pediatric CPR Training

  1. Good for you Papa P….I took the class years ago……Good stuff to know…I’m raising my two little granddaughter’s out in the country, no medical nearby or anything for that So I’m glad I know how to do all that stuff…..9 and 6 can get into all kinda of stuff on a ranch………

    God Bless our little ones

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