Pairing wine and baby food at my baby shower @SottoLA

The staff at Sotto threw me a surprise baby shower today.

One of the activities was pairing Gerber’s baby food with wines from our list…

The challenge wasn’t so much the pairing but how nasty the baby food tasted!

And the winner is… Cantele Salice Salentino with Lasagne with Meat Sauce (!!!!????)!

Seriously, it was so sweet of them that it made me cry… It’s so true what everyone says: you’ll never know how having a baby will change your life until it happens to you… I’m living that now and it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world…

Thanks, everyone! On a day when I’m feeling terribly homesick for Tracie and Baby P, you really made smile, laugh, and cry a tear of happiness… means the world to me…

4 thoughts on “Pairing wine and baby food at my baby shower @SottoLA

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