Harvest dispatches from Europe are changing the way we understand “vintage”

One of the coolest things about the enoblogosphere this year is the number of European wineries who are posting dispatches from the harvest. I loved the above photo of grapes for Vin Santo posted by my friend Ale at Montalcino Report (he’s been posting regularly about weather conditions and harvest progress).

My friend Laura, also in Montalcino, posted this brutally honest report about the recent heat spike there, entitled “Can someone please turn the hairdryer off?” Not everyone in Montalcino has embraced transparency but a few brave souls like Ale and Laura have.

It’s been a few weeks since he’s posted, but my buddy Wayne in Colli Orientali del Friuli has posted some great photos of harvest (like the one above), including some shots of the young Ethan Bastianich!

Back in July, Wayne did this amazing however sad post of images documenting hail damage in Collio.

Today at the Boutari blog, we posted some images and a report from the harvest in Naoussa by enologist Vasilis Georgiou. Those are Xinomavro grapes, above, waiting to be picked.

Although he doesn’t have a blog, my good friend and Pasolinian comrade Giampaolo Venica has been using social media to document the harvest in Collio. He sent me the gorgeous photo of dawn (above) to illustrate the time of day that they begin picking the grapes, when temperatures are coolest. Beautiful, no?

There’s no doubt in my mind that the 2011 harvest in Europe has been documented like no other before it… all thanks to the internets and a growing number of forward-thinking winemakers.

Know a winery that’s posting about harvest this year? Please share a URL in a comment and let’s a list going! Buona vendemmia yall!

7 thoughts on “Harvest dispatches from Europe are changing the way we understand “vintage”

  1. The internet is all about sharing, and every pleasure is more intense when shared. That’s probably why all those who love wine and winemaking are sharing their passion with friends and lovers all over the world, using the most powerful means, and actively developing a new language in wine communication.

    Thanks Jeremy for thinking of a list of harvest reports.
    Here’s mine: http://www.cantinebarbera.net/en/home/231-vendemmia-2011.html
    A photo report of harvest 2011, one picture every day, to follow the most significant moments in the vineyards as well as at the winery.

  2. Florian Beck-Hartweg is posting great notes on his haverest on Wineberserkers.com. I agree – sharing this info is so educational, especially when the honesty is there. I also believe in full disclosure so note that I import florian’s wine.

  3. JUST got back from 3 weeks in the US and the harvest here continues to shine! Great whites and reds to look forward to from this vintage! I will post soon and thanks for the love!

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