Since when is Texas a Muslim country? Sans pain, sans vin, l’amour n’est rien #TexSom

I filed my report on the Texas Sommelier Conference today over at the Houston Press.

Click through to the post and see why Master of Wine and Master Sommelier Doug Frost was asking: since when is Texas a Muslim country?

Everyone was looking sharp at the opening session of the conference yesterday, including D’Lynn Proctor (left) and Devon Broglie, one of the two new Master Sommeliers in Texas.

The other new Texas Master Sommelier Craig Collins (right) posed with winemaker legend Serge Hochar at the panelists dinner party the night before.

3 thoughts on “Since when is Texas a Muslim country? Sans pain, sans vin, l’amour n’est rien #TexSom

  1. I was in Frankly Wines today, talking with owner Christy Frank, and she was saying Serge (Mr. Musar) was there, and that she was getting some sort of tee shirt. And we discussed Do Bianchi, and my recent trip to LA, Sotto, LOU, etc. Small (wine) world… GS

  2. I’ve often pointed out that if you look at the laws in this country, the legal system views the wine lover as beneath the porn enthusiast on the morality scale. I’m not passing judgment on anyone, but as soon as you turn 18 you can purchase porn anywhere that’s open and selling it (even on a Sunday!), or buy it online, or have it shipped to your house via the USPS or private delivery companies without major hassles. It’s available on demand in every hotel and motel room in the country, 24/7. Hell, you can even start making it in your own home if you want. As long as there’s nothing involving kids and nobody gets hurt, you’ll be protected all the way to the Supreme Court.

    Change all that to wine and there’s a dozen ways to get arrested without even leaving your house. I’ve been worried about future laws that might require a mandatory age verification page on wine blogs, because we all know that reading about aged Burgundy is the #1 cause of teen pregnancy, illiteracy, and gang involvement. Wine: corrupting the youth of America since 1776.

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