Daybreak in New Jersey and a lonely saxophone…

Like a whole lot of likewise very unhappy people, I was stranded at Newark Airport in New Jersey last night (after a thunder storm had shut the place down and we all missed our connections).

With so many shipwrecked travelers, there were no hotel rooms to be found anywhere in the vicinity. But the nice folks at the Hilton Woodbridge in Iselin, NJ had a room and a beer for me when I finally made it down there (yeah, I had to go THAT far to find a room).

Especially now, it’s so tough to be away from Tracie P and adding yet another night to our separation, New Jersey was not where I wanted to be.

As we say to each other when shit like this happens, mwah… actually, MWAH!!!

My 6 a.m. ride back to the airport was ushered by the New Jersey sunrise and a lonely saxophone (above). Man, am I glad to “go home with the armadillo,” as we like to say in Texas. Wish me luck… because at this point, it couldn’t get any worse! I feel just like that saxophone playing over the Hilton’s speakers…

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