In all fairness to Gallo rosé…

You may remember my post from the other day, Rosé and just how far America has come.

In all fairness to Gallo rosé, I found the above Gallo spot from the 1950s. Pretty sexy, huh? I love it when the lady bites into the chicken as the dude is pouring the pink wine… (This video was posted the other day and I wonder how long it will take before Gallo yanks it.)

I’ll be tasting more than 40 pink wines tomorrow at the best little wine bar in Austin, Vino Vino, where they’ll be pouring more than 40 rosés at the 5th annual Pink Fest 2011.

3 thoughts on “In all fairness to Gallo rosé…

  1. Such a grilling wine. Being a Southerner, I eat a lot of bbq pork, as is my birth right. Few things go better with pulled pork than Grenache rose… Tavel is superb (which is usually mostly Grenache).

    Cheers! Joe

  2. watching the ad, you almost want to drink the Gallo, no? ;)

    I’ve been digging the Mas de Gourgonnier Rosé (mostly from Grenache) these days… What’s your fav producer right now?

  3. I got a kick out of the statement “chilled or over ice”! Never actually seen anyone poor wine over ice but My wife drops a cube in hers every now and again.

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