Gaglioppo: Italian grape name and appellation pronunciation project


The inimitable Francesco De Franco (above) first appeared on my blog when I wrote about his use of social media to battle the evil forces of the globalization and industrialization of his appellation, Cirò in Calabria. Even though I’ve never met Francesco, I know we’re going to become friends: anyone who writes “I am trying to avoid that a wine unique and inimitable becoming a wine without soul” is a friend of mine!

I finally got to taste his wine in February in Italy when my good friend Riccardo (one of Francesco’s distributors in Italy) gave me a bottle. (We shared it over dinner in Quarto d’Altino with Tracie P’s high school friend from her Singapore days.)

Man, I was BLOWN away by how good this wine was… It entirely changed my view and impression of what Gaglioppo can be. While most producers are spoofing their Gaglioppo to be richer in body and color (à la californienne), Francesco lets the real, honest fruit shine through in this gorgeous wine… The best news is that Francesco’s wines should be hitting North American shores in the fall. I CANNOT WAIT to put this on the list at Sotto!

I wrote to Francesco, asking him to send me audio/video of his pronunciation of Gaglioppo (another tough one for Anglophones because of the palatal lateral approximant gli, as in Aglianico).

I’m not sure that Francesco is destined to be remembered as Italy’s 21-century Chopin, but I LOVE what he did for the video… and I can’t recommend his wine highly enough to you…

3 thoughts on “Gaglioppo: Italian grape name and appellation pronunciation project

  1. I am really enjoying the Italian grape name and appellation pronunciation project and I have to say that Francesco’s gaglioppo gets my vote for most creative! In addition to affirming the correct pronunciation, I love the twinkle in his eye!

  2. @Michele and Rosanne thanks for the kind words about the series. I’m so glad that folks are enjoying it.

    Rosanne, I’m going to meet Francesco next month in Apulia and I’ll let him know! ;)

    thanks yall!

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