Garganega: Italian grape name pronunciation project

In the course of just a week, I’ve received roughly twenty new audio files to post in the Italian Grape Name Pronunciation Project. Rest assured: I’m going to post them all (next week’s post will feature a “family” of grape names). THANK YOU to everyone for supporting this project and for the words of encouragement. :-)

In the meantime, it seemed appropriate to move forward with a grape name that represents a true tongue-twister… not just for non-Italophones, btw… even Italian folks have trouble with this one.

That’s Gambellara producer Angiolino Maule’s youngest son Tommaso in the vineyards. Tracie P, Alfonso, and I tasted with Angiolino and met Tommaso on our recent visit to Gambellara and Valpolicella. I’ll post my notes from the tasting tomorrow. So stay tuned!

Click here for last week’s post: Teroldego.

6 thoughts on “Garganega: Italian grape name pronunciation project

  1. such a great project 2B! especially for grapes like this one. we always tend to put the accent on the 2nd to last syllable. looking forward to seeing who sends the next ones :)

  2. Thanks Jeremy, it’s just that little thing in that pronunciation there that sets the natives apart from me. I’ll be practising especially this one! Gar – GAR – ne – ga

  3. This is a very cool project. I lived in Italy for a few years and I still have problems remembering where to place the accent.

  4. just had dinner with the lovely John and Laing Rikkers and they told me about the new project. love it! can’t wait for the next ones. are you taking requests? cuz if you are i propose aglianico!

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