Gary Jules and me sing a song under the dome, a “night at the museum”

Photo by my childhood friend and doppelgänger Jeremy Farson.

Gary invited me up on stage to sing a song last night at the museum. It always brings back so many memories to see Gary and to get to play with him was such a treat. We always fall right back into it like we were teenagers again… “I’ve just seen a face. I can’t forget the time or place…” So much fun…

Gary played all my favs of his, like “Barstool” and “No Poetry.” Gary is such an amazing lyricist and performer…

And, of course, he played his mega hit “Mad World,” which appeared originally in the Donnie Darko soundtrack and went on to become a UK #1 Christmas single.

But the song that really got me was “Close Your Eyes” by James Taylor, which Gary dedicated to brother Micah, a song the three of us used to listen to when we were teenagers and our whole worlds and hearts were being torn apart by the trappings of modern society. I could barely hold back the tears that welled up in my eyes.

“I don’t know no love songs and I can’t sing the blues anymore…”

Brother Micah, director of Museum of Man, did a fantastic job running the auction to raise money future exhibits. It was great to see how excited his staff is about the new energy there.

And it was wonderful to catch up with so many of my high school friends. We all remembered the many school trips we made as youngsters to the museum, a true diamond in the rough.

We’re all looking forward to the programs that brother Micah has in store for next year… Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Gary Jules and me sing a song under the dome, a “night at the museum”

  1. @Sgt Sassafras no, Jeremy and I went to school together. And both of our fathers were shrinks!

    @Anne which song? the JT song? isn’t it great? Remember when Gary and Mike won the Xmas single competition in 2003? It was the same year that _Love Actually_ came out!

    @Armadillo Man da qualche parte c’ho una foto di noi due quando all’epoca del liceo… non mi ricordo più il nome del nostro gruppo ma suonavamo spesso alle “high school parties”. Mike Andrews, un altro nostro amico, prodcuer di “Mad World” ha prodotto anche il nostro pezzo Allo Allo, quello dello spot di Google.

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