Barolo confessions

It was delicious…

Above: I was cold, I was hungry, I was tired… and, yes, damn it, I sat in my lonely hotel room on a damp, cold evening in Asti and watched TV, ate takeout pizza, and drank a bottle of 2005 Barolo Ravera by Elvio Cogno.

Forgive me, readers, for I have sinned. I can already hear the E-Bobs and WineBerserkers wailing, “infanticide!” It was a very lonely evening for me in the heart of winter in Piedmont: the Barbera 7 had abandoned me in my hotel, just as Jeremiah’s lovers had “forgotten him.”

My only companion was a bottle of 2005 Barolo Ravera given to me by Valter Fissore of Elvio Cogno. I was cold, I was hungry, I was tired. So I ordered takeout pizza, popped the cork, and watched TV.

I don’t know where food maven Arthur Schwartz said this, but Italian cookery queen Michele Scicolone often repeats his chiasmatic adage regarding pizza: if you can’t be with the pizza you love, love the pizza you’re with. Well, honey, I loved me some pizza and Barolo that night and I lived to tell about it!

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest… Buon weekend, ya’ll!

11 thoughts on “Barolo confessions

  1. I had my first Barolo with pizza when I visited the
    Vietti winery in 1985. Alfredo and Luciano Cordero took Michele and I for pizza and Alfredo opened a magnum of 1961 Barolo-the first Barolo he made at the winery. I have been drinking Barolo with pizza ever since. When I go to Keste,my good friend Ernie ofter brings Barolo from the 1960’s and 1970’s- Barolo and Pizza Margarita a perfect combintation. As with wine, I would rather have the pizza I like and not have to settle for the pizza I am with!

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  3. Jeremy, I think by now you are familiar with my stance on the pizza and wine debate. But given the desperate circumstances in which you found yourself on this particular occasion I’m sure your loyal disciples will find it in their hearts to forgive you. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t drink something fizzy — be it beer, Coke or Lambrusco — with pizza. Maybe it’s never happened. One of these days I’ll have to try Barolo with a margherita, even if only to reinforce my preference.

  4. Was just at Italian trade tasting (Dalla Terra & Chambers & Chambers) in San Francisco. Had me some gourmet pizzas with Marchesi di Gresy Barbaresco Mantinenga 2006 and Vietti Barolo Castiglione 2006. Very good! (pill publish a post shortly!). Good pizza with Barolo, why not!!

  5. “Barolo goes with anything. Anything goes with Barolo”
    Apart from this obvious quote I am quite sure that the highest ambition of the producer, of any producer, is to see that his/her wine is drunk and appreciated. End of story. And start of a new bottle of Barolo.

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