Ed McCarthy’s insights into Valentini, one of the absolutely best wines I’ve had in 2010

Above: One of the absolutely best wines I had this year was the 1999 Valentini Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, which I drank at the Orange Wine dinner we held at Vino Vino in Austin in April.

Ever since my friend and ex-boss Nicola Marzovilla became an importer of Edoardo Valentini wines earlier this year, this legendary winery has entered into a renaissance in the consciousness of American lovers of fine wine.

Eric did this excellent post on a portfolio tasting of the wines that took place a few weeks ago in NYC and last week, another of the wine writers whom I admire greatly, the inimitable Ed McCarthy, wrote this fantastic profile and remembrance of Valentini, his wines, and the winery (his notes on the different clones of Trebbiano are a must read for anyone interested in Italian wine).

Also worth checking out: this round-up, by my blogging colleague and friend James Taylor, of past literature on Valentini.

When I had dinner with Nicola in NYC last month, I grilled him about his recent visit to the property in Abruzzo. He was reluctant to give up the goods but he ultimately revealed some of the winery’s secrets. But you’ll have to pour me a glass to get them out of me!

One thought on “Ed McCarthy’s insights into Valentini, one of the absolutely best wines I’ve had in 2010

  1. JP! Thanks for the shout-out! I’m sorry to report I’ve neglected my Do Bianchi-following duties these last few weeks. Blame the World Cup…

    Glad you dig the Valentini wines: we got a lot of press off the back of that tasting. Nicola excitedly informed me this morning that he’d managed to obtain Francesco Valentini’s cellphone number: not quite a direct line to God but another means by which to prod this most elusive of winemakers for information.


    PS: No longer signed in as Vino NYC due to said blog’s integration into the new Vino site.

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