Vino (Vino) and football

From the “just for fun” department…

Above: In Texas, they take their football seriously. That’s Tracie B’s cousin Grant at a recent Longhorns game. When he found out we were getting married, his father Terry, my favorite uncle-to-be, called and congratulated me and then politely requested, “but please don’t get married during the playoffs.” UT is playing Alabama in the championship tonight at the Rose Bowl.

I’m not exactly what you’d call a “jock.” Don’t get me wrong: I stay in shape and have long enjoyed the competitive sport otherwise known as “jogging.” All of my brothers were highly accomplished athletes in high school and beyond. But me? I got through my teenage years on good grades and playing guitar. Let’s just put it this way: Tracie B loves me for “my brain,” not my biceps. ;-)

Well, I live in Texas now: as Anne in Oxfordshire pointed out the other day, I “care about where the apostrophe is” but when in Rome…

Tracie B and I will be watching the game tonight at our favorite neighborhood wine bar, Vino Vino: I can’t think of any other city in the world where you could watch a college-football championship game and sip on a slightly sparkling Favorita (blended with a little bit of Moscato) from Piedmont with an alcohol content of around 11.5%. (It’s the Grangia by Tintero, one of our cannot-live-without wines.)

Vino and football! Who’d have ever thunk it?

In other news…

Photo by Benoit.

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3 thoughts on “Vino (Vino) and football

  1. College football and wine, a great pairing :)
    Tonight Vinomaker and I are having Chili con Carne in front of the telly, paired with a mystery Zinfandel, and a Merlot from a local producer.
    Go Longhorns!

  2. I’d argue Atlanta has a wine/sports bar. Haven’t found it yet, though. Almost certainly Birmingham. Nutty folks down here about the foosball (present company included)

  3. As a Italianized Brit, I’m quite happy to indulge in the NFL, NBA and even MLB, but college sports is a wholly foreign phenomenon. In Europe, “college sports” invariably means playing in a muddy field in front of a man and his dog then getting drunk at the pub or pizzeria. So the ESPN-ified college world in the U.S. is something I initially struggled to fathom. Why would anyone care unless they went to that college? Why would they still care after leaving said college? I’ve since learned that the local college team can often stand in for lack of a local pro team. My wife is from Morgantown, where the cops will pull you over if your car isn’t emblazoned with WVU Mountaineers merch…

    Enjoy the game!

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