Una faccia, una razza: Sicilian-Neapolitan-Jewish

In Italy they say, una faccia, una razza, meaning literally one face, one race. It refers to the shared genetic heritage of the peoples of the Mediterranean — including us Hebrews.

This just in, via cousin Marty, from Tony, owner of Tony’s in Houston (in response to my post from earlier today):

    white nero d’avolas are rare but do exist! and tell your cousin i am only half sicilian (mother) the other half napoletano! sorry i missed you! (the heart is jewish)

Una faccia, una razza! :-)

9 thoughts on “Una faccia, una razza: Sicilian-Neapolitan-Jewish

  1. when I was in sicily a few years ago our guide told us that the saying ‘due razze una faccia’ refered to one of the earliest settlers of sicily, the greeks and it means two races, one face. no mention of the jews but the jews have lived in sicily and italy forever and contributed much to the culture, cuisine and probably also to the gene pool so who knows?

  2. Only applies to Greeks and Italians (And possibly Cypriots since Cyprus is basically Greece)… Jews, Arabs, Spaniards, Turks, Egyptians, Norther Africans are not included.

  3. Una faccia una razza refers to Italians and Greeks. Some have contorted the meaning to all the Mediterranean or former lands of the Roman Empire but this is erroneous usage.

  4. my dad used to say that when he would meet a greek, i asked him what it meant….it means greeks and italians have the same sort of looks….but very different language….but at the end of the day we could be sisters or brithers because the LOOK is so simalar. It brings a lovely feeling of understanding and warmth. Sometimes i say it too….and am always surprised when the other person recognises the phrase and smiles and agrees.

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