Just a guy in a band who likes wine…

From the “ain’t this living?” department…

It’s been a helluva week but it’s coming to an end.

I wish that everyone could feel what it’s like to play a solo on my Carruthers custom Johnny Rivers Tele (sunburst finish with mint green pick guard and Seymour Duncan ’52 reissues) through my Fender 1971 Silverface Princeton at the Broken Spoke and see Tracie B sitting in the audience and smiling.

It’ll wash all the troubles of the world away like a Texas rainstorm.

Played my first Austin gig last night and it was a blast. Took Tracie B for ceviche, tacos al pastor, and cold Bohemias after.

At the end of the day, I’m just a guy who plays in a rock country band and likes wine.

Have a good weekend ya’ll and thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Just a guy in a band who likes wine…

  1. Congrats JP! If your Fender hardware sounds half as good as it looks the crowd at the Broken Spoke enjoyed a great show. (PS: I’ve forwarded this post to Mr. Taylor Sr.)

  2. @JT I can’t conceal how stoked I was when the band leader said, “man, I really like your country tone.” I played mostly in the middle position, and then switched to the bridge pickup for solos. My delay is just a Boss pedal but I had it set to a nice little slapback, did just the trick. All flatpicking. I was so nervous about playing country music in a town where they just call it “country”!

    @Simona ogni tanto ci vuole una birra fresca… e una bella strimpellata! :-) buon weekend anche a te…

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