An Apulian winemaker and a chicken cross a road…

On Sunday evening, following the Texas Hill Country Food and Wine Festival, where Tracie B and I had a blast tasting, schmoozing, and pouring wines, we took our friend Paolo Cantele to our FAVORITE Austin honky tonk, Ginny’s Little Longhorn (above), where we played chicken sh*& bingo.

Check out this fun post I did over at the blog to which I contribute for Mosaic Wine Group.*

* Warning: contains graphic image!

3 thoughts on “An Apulian winemaker and a chicken cross a road…

  1. It was great to meet you last night at Jimmy’s in Dallas for the Cantele wine tasting event. Thanks for bringing in Paolo Cantele and for the exposure (I hope) to the great Apulian wines.
    Love your blog!
    Malcolm Fowler “il Barese”

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