Ménagerie (our new album is here!)

Over the years, I’ve written and recorded a lot of songs, with a lot of different bands and friends. Some of them have done well for me and our last record, …Nous Non Plus, was a top-10 college radio record for four weeks (a dream come true, right up there with opening for Ringo back in 2003).

Of all the tracks I’ve ever laid down, my favorites are on our new album Ménagerie.

Please help support independent music and our craft by purchasing our new album, asking your local indy radio station to spin it, and coming out to see us play at one of our upcoming shows (info and links below).

Thanks for your support: every drop makes a difference — it really does. I hope to see y’all at one of our upcoming shows!

Early press for Ménagerie

Zink Magazine — Ménagerie is “a musically diverse and ambitious mélange… like a good Bordeaux, rich and fulfilling, with every sip becoming even more delectable.” (Can you believe they compared our music to Bordeaux?)

Venus Zine — “Ménagerie is a glam pop gem.”

Nous Non Plus is happy to announce the release of our second album, MÉNAGERIE, feb 3 on Aeronaut Records.

Advance CDs now available for purchase online only.

Upcoming Shows:

4 feb, 2009
PARIS – Point Ephémère 8p
NNP (8p)
avec Louis de Lights & Film Noir

7 feb, 2009
LYON – Lyon in Rock festival

9 feb, 2009
NYC – Mercury Lounge 
10p; avec Lights (9p) & The Sharp Things (8p)

10 thoughts on “Ménagerie (our new album is here!)

  1. Jeremy, congratulations on the latest release! I will purchase the new album immediately! Looking forward to the NYC show: do you think I should I book tickets now?


    PS: I really dig the artwork.

  2. JT, thanks so much for the kind words and the support… probably best to get the tix sooner than later: we’re expecting the merc show to sell out… thanks man! see you then…

  3. Genevelyn, thanks. We used to play the Black Cat in DC: I LOVE Ben’s Chili Bowl and was just reading about it in the Times.

    Simona, thanks. I wish I knew how to manage my time better! It “only” took us three years to make this new record… Good things come to those who wait… ;-)

    Tracie B, green m & m’s only in the green room! can’t wait for our trip!

  4. JT, I hope you picked up a pastrami on rye, lots of mustard, while you were down by Katz! So psyched to see you and the gang! thanks man! We’ll definitely grab a beer at the show together…

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