Wine & Spirits Top 100 San Francisco (and a handsome tie)

Leaving San Francisco today, heading back down south… Here’s a quick post from last night’s Wine & Spirits Magazine Top 100 tasting at the historic Mint building in San Francisco. Man, San Francisco, what a town!

Above, from left: Jeffrey Meisel of Domaine Select, me, Josh Greene editor and publisher of Wine & Spirits, and winemaker Aleš Kristančič of Movia. Franco’s daughter Valentina gave me that handsome tie after I helped her with some translating earlier this year.

Vesna Kristančič of Movia and Alder Yarrow, author of top wine blog Vinography.

Jon Erickson and Jayne Battle owners of Jaynes Gastropub in San Diego with Aleš. (I’ll post later this week on the dinner Jayne, Jon, and I had with Ceri Smith of Biondivino and winemaker Cinzia Merli of Le Macchiole the night before at A16.)

Among the other great wines I tasted, I really enjoyed Chablis producer Domaine Laroche. The winery has begun bottling the majority of its wines with screw caps and I’ll post later this week on what owner Gwenael Laroche had to say about the cork vs. screw cap debate.

Stay tuned…

8 thoughts on “Wine & Spirits Top 100 San Francisco (and a handsome tie)

  1. Brooklynguy: Now why would Jeremy want to pour any wine on me, bearer of Movia Puro and Le Macchiole bottles? ;) Plus, my tie is pretty nice too and we know Jeremy respects that…

    Jeremy: it is always great to see you. Come back to SF soon!

    Cheers, Jeff

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