Who? The Imp of the Perverse

No, that’s not me (although it kinda looks like me + 25 years or so). That’s Pete Townshend in a preview from “VH1 Honors – The Who” (tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m., VH1) wearing an Imp of the Perverse jacket by my good friend Giovanni Contrada.

Our band, Nous Non Plus, has been wearing Imp for years now and it seems that Pete (together with Sheryl Crow and Elton John, among others) have finally jumped on the bandwagon.

Giovanni’s mother was a Neapolitan shirtmaker and he has worked in the fashion industry for some twenty odd years. When he and his wife Libby moved to Los Angeles a few years back he launched Imp, with its signature skull buttons and motif and dyed Italian fabric jackets (Giovanni created a special line of Imp just for me, “The Jar,” with a marijuana leaf in place of the skull theme — go figure…).

Above: a recent photo of me and one of my dearest Italian friends, Sita Saviolo. I’m wearing my favorite Imp jacket. That night we dined with a large tavolata of old friends at Trattoria Savio, outside Padua, where we ate cured horse meat, horse meat ragù, and pony steaks (look for an upcoming post on Savio later this summer).

Above: fashionista Giovanni Contrada in one of his Los Angeles workshops.

You can purchase Imp of the Perverse at Maxfield in West Hollywood (but it ain’t cheap).

8825 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90069
(310) 274-8800

Words to live by…

If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad.
—Sheryl Crow

2 thoughts on “Who? The Imp of the Perverse

  1. To whom it may concerne!!!!
    Think this message should go to fabulous Giovanni Contrada —
    Saw your stuff last week while in LA at Maxfields — great jackets really– bought one.
    I am runnig a London based fashion agency — dealing with the hippest shops in German speaking countries–
    Would like to import/represent your jackets to Europe!!
    If interested let me know — if not ..let my know either–
    Ti saluto

  2. I am opening a new flagship store in Beverly Hills this fall and am interested in your friend Giovanni’s jackets. I own two that I purchased from Maxfield and love them.
    Please forward my interest to Giovanni.
    Scott Devon

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