5 thoughts on “Brunellopoli: say it ain’t so…

  1. Castello Banfi was one of the first estates to be inspected, by both the consortium and the magistrate of Siena, as prescribed by the new regulations. No irregularities were found affecting the release of their 2003 vintage Brunello.

  2. Angelo Gaja also has a Brunello estate called LaPieve. I think all that are named in this investigation so far are the names that people know. They are not the best Brunello’s in the region but they have the largest advertising budgets. I think that if you are making the Brunello, you should have to abide by the DOCG laws in which ONLY Sangiovese can be used. I find it hard to believe that these producers do not know what is going on, and if they don’t then maybe they should work in the vineyards more often.

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