The Rock ‘n’ Roll Sommelier

While I was out in California, I attended the first-ever San Diego Gambero Rosso Roadshow tasting. My friend and old bandmate, Charlie George, owner of Cinehype, produced this fun video of my experience there entitled “Rock ‘n’ Roll Sommelier.”

It includes interviews with Darrell Corti, Daniele Cernilli, and Marco Sabellico.

For those of you who don’t know the music of my band Nous Non Plus, that’s us playing in the background.

In other news…

7 thoughts on “The Rock ‘n’ Roll Sommelier

  1. lmao @ “rinsing with La Poja?”. With 950,000 bottles produced yearly I think they can spare a swig.

    Trying to sift through the “spoofilated” bottlings at the New York tasting recently was a task unto itself. Neat video Jeremy.

  2. yeah, nicely done. at the nyc version i asked after you and was told that you moved to california. is this true?!?

    your voice sounds nothing like i imagined it. for some reason i imagined you with a gravel-voiced baritone rock star type voice.

  3. It’s got to be Sassicaia, eh? I’ll have to remember that…. I had a similar experience at a much smaller tasting of the DeGrazia portfolio a few days ago; write-up to come soon I hope.

    Good work, Jeremy. And I second Brooklyn’s comments on your voice not matching expectations, though I’m not sure what those expectations were.

  4. Hmmm. “Spoofilated?” My Hugh Johnson’s doesn’t list that term, guess I’ll have to wait for Alice F. to do her own vino encyclopedia.
    But I totally understand the loss of locavore appeal when a wine is over-oaked, over-manipulated and over, umm, spoofilated. Can a wine be under-spoofilated?
    Fun and entertaining video, rates at least three corks.
    And the band sounds great, too.

  5. Oh, about that suit and tie. I hope they don’t require coats et all at Vinitaly. Don’t think I’ve ever seen so many suits in one place in oh-so-laid back San Diego. Or maybe you were wearing Tevas instead of wing-tips. Darryl Corti is a hoot.

  6. In a few short minutes, you captured a typical trade tasting experience : inadequate stemware, sometimes with residual detergent, unmanned tables, lots of spoofilated, overoaked wines. Of course there are the positives, like the few really tasty, honest wines one tastes at these events. Or the attractive servers and bartenders….

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