The Day After: 1996 Produttori Pora

Above: me, pretending to work.

During dinner out with a friend last night, my phone rang. It was my roommate Greg (who has been SO cool to let me crash at his pad after this summer’s catastrophe). He asked if he could open a bottle of wine and I said, “sure, open one of the bottles of ‘classic’ Barbaresco 2001 by Produttori del Barbaresco.” Something got lost in translation and he inadvertently opened the last bottle of 1996 Pora, one of the winery’s famous crus. It’s totally fine by me: as I sit here and work on a translation, I am sipping a leftover glass. Greg opened the bottle, drank about a half of it, and then simply re-corked it. And frankly, the wine is drinking beautifully at this moment: nice fruit, even acidity, mellowed tannin, and all those earthy flavors you get in traditionally made Nebbiolo. The vintage for this wine is so powerful and the vinification method so honest and real, I wouldn’t be surprised if this wine will still be alive tomorrow.

One reader writes in: “oh sh*&. he opened up a 1996? ouch”.

Above: the sky was beautiful over the Hudson yesterday early eve, the lights and headlights of Chelsea menacing, as I headed over to the storage space where my books, CDs, and a computer had been deposited.

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