Rubulad 07

Rubulad, Halloween Party
October 27, 2007

Last night Nous Non Plus played our yearly Rubulad Halloween show. Like last year, it was pouring in Brooklyn but that didn’t stop the freaks from coming out. Rubulad has always been a great party but Halloween is the best.


Above: the back staircase at Rubulad. I can’t even begin to explain what Rubulad is. Every nook and cranny of the space is filled with something that stimulates the eye. You can tell that someone put a lot of work and soul into each installation.


This guy was running from some hoola-hoopers. I’m not sure why. They were nice.


A view of the stage in the upstairs room where we played. The band that played before us was scantily clad and scary.


Above: Bonnie Day (right) and Céline apply baby lotion to Jean-Luc. Last year we were the French national football team. This year we were tennis players.


My blonde strat didn’t really match my tennis whites but no one seemed to care.


I didn’t eat any of the candy offered to me but other folks seemed to be enjoying it.

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