Prosecco seminar and Bastille Day/birthday bash music this week and next in Houston

Back when I was living in New York City and playing with Les Sans Culottes and Nous Non Plus, we ALWAYS had a gig on my birthday, July 14 — Bastille Day.

It was only natural: as the city’s leading faux French rock bands, we were always in demand for the holiday, which is annually celebrated there with élan.

Sometimes we would play two gigs on the same day, usually at the Orchard St. Bastille Day festival during the day and then later that night at a club like the now defunct Brownies where the above picture was snapped in the pre-digital days.

This year, I’ll be playing on my birthday with our new 70s and 80s cover band BioDynamic here in Houston at Mongoose vs. Cobra where house mixologist Patrick Abalos will be serving a special cocktail list of French- and Bastille Day-themed drinks.

I’ll be breaking out one of my French-band-era costumes for the occasion and my famous Fred Buscaglione mustache.

Please dress as your favorite French revolutionary or cultural icon (Roland Barthes?) and join us! Details below.

And on Wednesday of next week, I’ll be co-presenting a Prosecco seminar with my friend and colleague Flavio Geretto of Villa Sandi (whom I’ve been doing some work for this year).

A Prosecco favorite son and a winemaker in his own right, Flavio is one of the greatest experts on Prosecco I’ve ever met. He’s also a lovely guy and we’ve had a blast traveling and pouring together this year. Please join us! RSVP to my email below.

70s and 80s covers
@ Mongoose vs. Cobra
Sunday, July 14
4-8 p.m.
1011 McGowen St.
(713) 650-6872
Google map

Prosecco Seminar
with Flavio Geretto of Villa Sandi
and Jeremy Parzen
@ Vinology
Wednesday, July 17
6:30 p.m.
2314 Bissonnet St.
(832) 849-1687
Google map

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