Crowd sourcing: what is wine writing? what are the functions of wine writing?

best-wine-writersOver the past couple of weeks, I’ve begun writing a series of posts about the morality and ethics of wine writing over on the UniSG blog (it’s part of the Master’s in Wine Culture program at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Piemdont where I began teaching last year and will be teaching three English-language seminars this year).

Before I continue, I wanted to take a step back and start to formulate a list of “functions of wine writing.” It’s inspired in part by (although not based on) Roman Jakobson’s “functions of language” (which I highly encourage you to read if you’re not familiar with his work).

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. I’m hoping that the wine writing community will help out with expanding it and making it more precise. Please feel free to comment with your suggestions. And thanks in advance for your help with this work in progress!

My list of “functions” is by no means exhaustive or comprehensive. Please help me refine it…



– poetry
– narrative
– music


– painting
– pottery
– engraving
– photography


– ampelography
– viticulture
– enology


– appellation regulations
– adulteration/counterfeiting laws
– shipping laws


– labeling
– fact sheets
– tasting notes
– scores/ratings


– copywriting
– marketing/promotional materials


– guide books
– long-form essays
– monographics
– cartography
– blogging
– micro-blogging
– podcasts


– writing about wine writing

2 thoughts on “Crowd sourcing: what is wine writing? what are the functions of wine writing?

  1. Central to all of this is audience. For whom do we write? To whom are we sending this information? And, equally as important, why? What do we hope to accomplish? How do we measure the effect of our writing? Does that matter?

    Great start to what I hope is a thoughtful and edifying discussion.

  2. Well, I think that your list, Jeremy, is already quite long and large. The comment of Mr Riley also helps.
    The only issue that I would add, the most useful one and the least considered is:

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