Whole lotta Franciacorta right there, folks! Our sparkling journey begins…

vittorio-moretti-ricci-curbastro-riccardoThat’s legacy Franciacorta winemaker Riccardo Ricci-Curbastro (Ricci-Curbastro, far left) and Franciacorta consortium president and legacy winemaker Vittorio Moretti (Bellavista/Contadi Castaldi, far right) at the first tasting and cellar visit for team #ClassicMethod2016, a group I’m leading as part of my Franciacorta Real Story campaign for the Franciacorta consortium.

Two heavyweights in the world of fine sparkling wine today.

Jeremy D. (middle left) and Nico (right), together with Jessica, Becca, and me, will be traveling around the appellation all week, meeting with producers and tasting their wines as we wrap our minds around what Franciacorta was, is, and will be.

It was super cool to chat with Riccardo today at his winery. His knowledge of Franciacorta history and perspective are boundless. His son Gualberto led us through a fantastic flight of their wines.

And president Moretti was super cool to stop by to meet the group and interact with us on the first day of our sojourn.

I gotta say that I love this photo and what it means to me.

Writing in a hurry as I’m still catching my breath after hitting the ground running here in Brescia province. Stay tuned… and thanks for being here!

2 thoughts on “Whole lotta Franciacorta right there, folks! Our sparkling journey begins…

  1. I love all of this! Please, I beg of you, have someone get a picture of you, Nico and my Jeremy….I need that. Oh and tell Nico if he jumps out of his bedroom window and on to any other Dugan’s balcony I will be crushed. Have fun everyone. So envious and excited for all of you.

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