Vinitaly, you’re too sexy for this fair! VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED

adua villaJust when I was feeling down-in-the-dumps on the first day of the Vinitaly fair (after a wine writer friend of mine told me that I looked “terrible”), my good friend Adua Villa (above, left) and my new friend Alejandro Mazzo (right) lifted my spirits.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” they cried. “You look FABULOUS!”

They reminded me of that wonderful Italian spirit whereby sexiness comes from within.

Not only is she the sweetest lady, Adua is one of Italy’s leading wine writers and television personalities and a novelist to boot.

Alejandro is the man behind the brilliant “Men and Wine” Instagram (which may be a little too sexy for some readers; viewer discretion advised; not kidding).

Sitting next to someone who has 74k+ followers made me feel pretty sexy myself!

stefano cinelli colombiniSex was in the air at the annual meeting of contributors to Intravino, Italy’s sexiest wine blog.

Those are two of my clients and two of the winemakers I admire most, Stefano Cinelli Colombini (left) and Luca Ferraro (right).

Even Pietro Stara (center), one of the Italian wine writers I admire most, made me feel sexy.

Some of us bitch about Intravino’s click-on-me!-inspired content. But the lovely community of writers and winemakers that this blog brings together washes away any and all lamentations.

giorgio graiAnd yesterday ended with a sexy celebrity encounter when I had the fantastic opportunity to chat and taste with legendary Italian winemaker Giorgio Grai (left) and one of my best friends, Francesco Bonfio (right), who had graciously included me to be part of a seminar panel on native Collio grapes for Vinarius, the association of Italian wine shop owners.

Today is day 3 of my Vinitaly and the bags under my eyes are rivaled only by the blisters on my feet (from walking too much) and hoarse voice (from talking too much).

Wish me speed and wish me luck!

Alfonso, we miss you!

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