Piedmontese cuisine as the blues, Oddero makes my night, and tasting opportunities during the fairs

battuta battuto carne piemontese piedmontIn a lot of ways, Piedmontese cuisine is like the blues. The topoi and riffs are all the same. The art is in the mastery and soulfulness of delivery.

Vitello tonnato, insalata russa, peppers stuffed with anchovies and tuna, tajarin… The dishes are always the same. It’s the verve in execution that makes certain kitchens stand out.

Last night’s Piedmontese tartare — battuta di carne (above) — at Osteria Veglio was brilliant and delicious and a fabulous accompaniment to the extraordinary flight of Oddero wines that Cristina, Isabella, and Pietro Oddero shared with the Sotto wine & spirits team and me.

I was particularly geeked to taste the 2013 Barbaresco Gallina (below), which they poured for us back the winery.

Very young and still nervous in the glass. But, man, what a wine this will be!

I’ve been a huge fan of Oddero for nearly two decades but had never had the chance to visit with them. It was great to finally make that happen (thank you Francesco Minetti and Wellcom!).

And Isabella made my night my trip when she said to me, by the way, “I really don’t understand why so many Americans don’t like Houston. I really don’t mind it at all.”

oddero barbaresco gallinaThank you again, Oddero family! You are truly lovely! And thank you for these extraordinary wines you share with the world.

I’m writing in a hurry this morning as I prepare for busy day of tasting in Piedmont.

But I wanted to share a reminder of upcoming tasting opportunities over the next days of the fairs.

On Saturday, April 9, I’ll be at ViniVeri in Cerea all day (and have already traded messages with a lot of folks about connecting there).

And I’ll be co-presenting the epic Barbacarlo tasting — a unicorn among natural wines.

On Monday, April 11 at Vinitaly in Verona, I’ll be hosting an open tasting at the Franciacorta consortium stand in the PalaExpo building, Lombardia section, Stand B/C 16 from 2-4 p.m.

All are welcome and the format is casual (sneakers encouraged but not required). Please join me.

The Franciacorta consortium is holding a number of super cool events during Vinitaly. Read about them here. My money is on sommelier Nicola Bonera’s “top vintage” and “multi-format” tastings.

And New Yorkers, please don’t forget that consortium VP (and my good friend) Silvano Brescianini and I will be co-presenting an open, walk-around tasting of Franciacorta in New York on Monday, April 18.

I hope to get to taste with you soon! Thanks for being here.

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