First Alba truffles of the season @TonyVallone (where else?)

best white truffle alba 2013

I wish that everyone could know and experience what a wonderful man, caring friend, gastronomic encyclopedia, and downright mensch my good friend and client Tony Vallone is.

white truffles pasta shaved

Last night he treated me and a Houston food writer (another one of my best friends in Houston) to our first Alba truffles of the season at his flagship restaurant Tony’s.

The rainy cold spring of 2013 and the late summer rains are indications of an excellent truffle harvest this year.

tomato conserva

This dish was also spectacular: a slice of beef sirloin served al sangue over a tomato conserva with zucchine and “marrow” polenta topped with fried garlic chips. I loved the “action painting” mise en place.

I had a really tough day yesterday and Tony put his arm on my shoulder and said, “don’t be so hard on yourself… You’re only human.”

So much to be grateful for in this lifetime… Thank you, Tony.

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