Susumaniello, what a sususurprise! (and Georgia P’s photo shoot)

Honestly, I really didn’t know what to expect from a 2010 IGT Tarantino Susumaniello (100%) by the Poderi Angelini winery in Manduria (west coast of Puglia).

The craze for indigenous varieties has inspired a number of producers to deliver monovarietal bottlings of grapes that were used strictly for blending in the past.

In the entry for Susumaniello in the landmark Vitigni d’Italia (Grape Varieties of Italy), last revised in 2006, the editors underline the fact that “the grape is never vinified on its own” and is used strictly to produce vino da taglio, i.e., blending wine (employed historically to beef up otherwise “thin” wines).

Unfortunately, some of the well intentioned efforts to champion such indigenous grapes has been misguided (Uva di Troia in purezza, anyone?).

But Angelini’s 2010 Susumaniello was delicious last night: bright and surprisingly light on the palate, with the acidity that we crave, high but balanced alcohol, and juicy, chewy red berry fruit. I loved it, as did the group of wine professionals with whom we tasted it.

Inspired by our tasting, I went into the stustustudio and dug out some footage of my good friend Paolo Cantele pronouncing the grape’s name for us. Phil Collins ain’t got nothing on this baby!

In other news…

Georgia P went to one of her first photo shoots (I am such a stage father!) yesterday with our good friends and AWESOME photographers the Nichols here in Austin yesterday (remember when they shot our wedding?). Here’s a preview… WE LOVE HER SO MUCH! :)

8 thoughts on “Susumaniello, what a sususurprise! (and Georgia P’s photo shoot)

  1. Interesting stuff. I have heard rumblings that Susunaniello is a clone of Cinsault. Have you heard this?
    I have been singing this grape like Phil Collins since I first tried it. Grazie to Paolo for clearing up the hit list.
    Come on now, no love for Uva di Troia? Maybe not ALL alone but even in large part it makes up my beloved Il Falcone which is my Puglia wine benchmark.
    Love when you blog about Apulia :-)

  2. Seriously, Jeremy, you’ve got to decide whether you’re doing a wine blog or a baby blog, because she’s just so gorgeous that everything else looks kind of like an afterthought next to her.

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