We’re gonna have a girl! :-)

Tracie P and I just got back from our 20 weeks/5 months appointment with our doctor and WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A GIRL!

All the tests have come back negative and today’s ultrasound revealed that everything is A-OKAY! WE ARE SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!

It’s so nice not to say “it” anymore and it’s simply impossible to describe the joy in our hearts today…

Thanks for letting us share it with you… We are so happy…

18 thoughts on “We’re gonna have a girl! :-)

  1. Wonderfull. My little girl “Dana,” whom you know so well, is now and will forever be the ole “apple of my eye.” CONGRATULATIONS! We’ll celebrate this weekend.

  2. Whoa! This is fantastical news…my oldest is a girl, Sabine, and you both, trust me, have no idea how this changes you–for the better by the way. Congrats! She’s gonna be brilliantly awesome!

  3. Congrats! There’s nothing better in the world. We’re on our first summer vacation with our five month old baby girl and it’s wonderful. So happy for you.

  4. thanks everybody! if i must confess, i really wanted a girl and we got her!! all of your warm wishes of congratulations mean the world to us :)

    i love you 2B!

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