Dressner pre-Oscar Italian party in Hollywood

When Lou (center) wrote “Examine and fondle real winemakers tonight at Lou!” yesterday on his blog, brother Anthony (left) and I were intrigued. Within minutes, we had devised a plan to crash the Dressner pre-Oscar Italian party in Hollywood.

It took a little coaxing but I finally managed to get Lou to step out from behind the bar for this photo op with Elisabetta Foradori (right), who only recently joined the Dressner Impeccable Academy of Natural Wines, Arts, and Sciences (she also appeared, you may remember, in the debut episode of the Italian Grape Name Pronunciation Project).

I was completely stoked to see Saša Radikon (right). Sasha is such a cool dude and his family’s wines entirely rock my world.

I also got a chance to talk to Alessandra Bera and Francesca Padovani, both of whom make fantastic wines (in Canelli, Piedmont and Sant’Angelo in Colle, Montalcino, Tuscany, respectively).

For many of them, it was a first trip to Los Angeles. I’m so thrilled to see these wines and winemakers here and it was WONDERFUL to hear Italian spoken last night at my favorite wine bar in the world, Lou on Vine.

You can taste all of their wines and many, many more at the Dressner magical mystery traveling road show event today in the City of Angeles.

9 thoughts on “Dressner pre-Oscar Italian party in Hollywood

  1. Unfortunately, grounded with brain cancer and could not make the LA tasting. It I was health, people like Parzen would have been banned at the door.

    What a parasite and creep!

  2. Stop attacking Dr. Parzen, Mr Dressner

    Dr. Parzen is a friend to small animals and humans alike…he is our savior at the Las Flores View Point Squirrel Colony.

    Be kind, Mr. Dressner, be kind….

  3. @Samantha sorry I missed you!

    @Joe Dressner so glad you’re feeling better! We’re all sending you our best wishes and thoughts…

    @Sgt. Sassafras gotta love the squirrels!

  4. Mr. Dressner I was always taught if you do not have something good to say about someone, do not say anything at all…..good luck with your health though….Dr. J is one awesome man in my book…..Jane

  5. Gotta agree with Strappo here. You are a better person than I Jeremy, your support and promotion of these wines and the people that make them says so much more about who you are as a person seeing that you get nothing but mean and bile filled comments from someone that one would think would be appreciative of the support. Just floored….

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