Un amico ritrovato

It was great to see Giovanni Arcari (left) and Franco Ziliani (right) last night in Valpolicella. They drove down from Brescia and Bergamo to visit with their friends from the U.S.

Italy recently adopted “zero tolerance” drunk driving legislation and enforcement. The legal limit is .015 g/dL, mass per volume of blood in the body. That means that just one glass of wine can put you over the legal limit! Compare with California where it’s .08! So Franco was their designated driver. Wine writers like Franco have be very careful: even when you spit and do not ingest any wine, the alcohol on your breath from tasting can deliver a false positive.

We all took it easy — especially since our host insisted on serving us barriqued Valpolicella… feh! — but it was great to see both of them and to spend some time with an amico ritrovato

2 thoughts on “Un amico ritrovato

  1. Jeremy, very sorry for the disappointing meal and for the absolutely forgettable restaurant and wines…
    It was my fault to decide to visit this restaurant, but also it was not my fault, because someone gave me this unsatisfying suggestion…
    Maybe was a Carnival joke…
    I’m very glad to meet Alfonso, Tracie and you, my recognized friend..

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