Ubi Raveneau, ibi beati

In case your Latin is rusty, the title of this post means where there is Raveneau, there are happy, blessed folks.

I certainly feel blessed to have met and to know so many cool interesting folks through blogging, like la dérive, who also posted on the outstanding flight of wines we tasted together the other night in Chicago.

I thought the Raveneau was stunning, however tight and in need of aeration. And I loved how la dérive called the Zanna “pure bottled sunshine with deep, earthy, dark fruit notes; but not heavy in anyway, just comfortable in it’s own skin.”

Check out his super cool post here.

And in Friulian news…

I think it was love at first sight for Swedish wine blogger Billigt Vin when he met Rosa Bosco (above) in the Colli Orientali del Friuli last year.

Billigt Vin is another friend I’ve made (virtually) through wine-related social media and although I can’t really read his blog, we often trade notes on tastings and impressions of Italian wines and wineries.

Check out his post here.

My favorite line was: “Rosa Bosco might be a fan of Bach but this aroma is pure Mozart.” Great writing, great wine blogging.

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