What Parzens will be drinking for Thanksgiving

If you live in California and would like to drink what Parzens will be drinking this year at their Thanksgiving, check out my current offering at Do Bianchi Wine Selections (my wine club).

The year was 2006 and I was working in New York as the media director for a high-profile Italian restaurant group that also happened to be a direct importer of Italian wines. Earlier that year, I had made the annual trek with my colleagues to the Italian wine fairs, where we met and tasted with a young winemaker at the natural wine fair, Vini Veri: Mario Andrion of Castello di Verduno, producer of awesome Barolo and Barbaresco and a then relatively obscure grape called Pelaverga…

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2 thoughts on “What Parzens will be drinking for Thanksgiving

  1. Jeremy, I know you will set us up with something good. Have a great day and I pray God’s blessings on y’all…notice I have corrected my spelling of the contraction y’all…hope everyone notices…lol

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