1980 Vallana Spanna BRILLIANT!

Vallana Spanna

Posting in a hurry this morning but just had to transmit the joy contained in a bottle of 1980 Vallana Spanna shared with me last night by my friend and colleague Rob Forman, a dude who really knows his Italian wine.

1980 was not a great vintage in Piedmont and as a matter of fact, I cannot remember tasting anything from Langa nor Novara from that year (if you have any notes on the vintage, please share!).

Slightly shaken by the trip and somewhat cloudy, this wine was no worse for the wear: it was entirely brilliant, alive and fresh, with bright acidity and delicious wild berry fruit and mud. So unbelievably good.

Vallana Spanna

When time permits, I’ll post about some of the fascinating wines that Rob opened with me and a group of Austin wine professionals (the other Pomino, anyone?).

And I’ll also tell the captivating story of how he came into possession of this amazing bottle.

Vallana Spanna

Click on the photo of the back label to view more closely.

That’s all for now, folks. Me? I’m keeping it between the ditches

6 thoughts on “1980 Vallana Spanna BRILLIANT!

  1. okay, guys, enough with the paronomasia already! ;-)

    @Brian and Rob great to see you guys here. :-)

    You know I love the Sella Lessona…

    @Tracie P I know you’da be akinda fonda thatta Vallana Spanna…

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