The best Prosecco tasting ever…

and the best tasting Prosecco ever…

In the canon of Italian wine writing, you often find tasters who express the emotion that a wine evokes. In Italian vinography, when a writer uses the descriptor emozionante, the term denotes that a wine was moving, thrilling, stirring, exciting…

Such was the case yesterday at one of the most extraordinary tastings that Tracie P and I have ever attended: yesterday, my friend Riccardo Zanotto, whom I first met back in 1992 when I was playing an American cover band in the Veneto, organized a “Prosecco Colfòndo” tasting with five producers of bottle-fermented lees-aged Prosecco — just for us.

Today, I don’t have the time to post my copious notes from the event but I will as soon as I have some downtime. In the meantime, as Tracie P and I head to Venice to celebrate our first wedding anniversary, I’d like to thank Riccardo and the other producers for what was truly one of the most thrilling wine events I’ve ever attended. In part, because I feel a deep connection to Prosecco, the land of Prosecco, the culture of Prosecco, and the people of Prosecco. In part, because the wines are truly OUTSTANDING. A remarkable and truly thrilling wine event for us.

9 Responses to The best Prosecco tasting ever…

  1. carolina says:

    grazie mille a te e tracei :) e buon anniversario <3

  2. how many bottles Jeremy and what a nice group! Very very sorry I was’t with you for a new Prosecco Colfòndo adventure!
    We will meet Saturday in Valpolicella Jeremy!

  3. Jeremy
    prosecco col fondo thanks you and is waiting for see you soon in Rolle to interview Luke
    ciao uomo

  4. Katie Parla says:

    Sounds wonderful! Looking forward to the full post.

  5. Stupendo pomeriggio, bella atmosfera e super mega amici…
    Grazie Jeremy

  6. Thank s a lot for the nice time spent together with friends and most of all Colfóndo lovers!
    Jeremy, has been a real pleasure to have met you and your wife, I look forward to read your next post!

  7. adrian says:

    I loved the Costadilà and look forward to tasting some more Prosecco col fondo soon and possibly put some on my list.

  8. In my previous day-job I coordinated a tasting of “top” Prosecco (Prosecchi?) straight after a tasting of 50 or so Baroli… It wasn’t a good idea.

  9. [...] Roba intrigante, di cui ha scritto recentemente anche il mio amico americano Jeremy Parzen su Do Bianchi. Ho già raccontato, qui, alcune impressioni di degustazione avute nel corso di un bell’incontro [...]

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