@ZanottoColFondo at Spicy House, best pairing for Asian imho

Move over Josmeyer, Prosecco Col Fondo (in this case, Zanotto) is the new Riesling when it comes to pairing with Asian cuisine imho. Its refreshing saltiness and crunchy mouthfeel just take it over the top… Dinner last night at the excellent Spicy House in San Diego… dan dan noodle eggplant and green beans twice cooked […]

Zanotto Prosecco Col Fondo is here! (and my band circa 1993)

Above: Zanotto Prosecco Col Fondo is the Prosecco that I tasted back in the early 1990s when I was living in the Veneto. Bottle fermented, lees aged, unfiltered, salty, crunchy Prosecco made from 100% Glera. That’s the traditional glass, btw, for real Prosecco. No flutes please! The story of how Zanotto Prosecco Col Fondo got […]

The most talked about wine in Texas

Posting on the fly and from the road today but just wanted to share my note on this Prosecco Col Fondo, the Ca’ dei Zago, the first to make it to Texas. Everyone — EVERYONE — in Texas seems to be talking about it: sommeliers and wine buyers from Houston to Austin have been asking […]