Bobby Stuckey & Lachlan Patterson in Austin (Georgia’s first wine tasting!)

Bobby and Lachlan were in town yesterday hosting a luncheon at Vino Vino for their line of wines, Scarpetta, including their new Barbera del Monferrato, which we loved. We’ve become friends after we traveled to Friuli together a few years ago and then Tracie P and I had one of our all-time favorite meals at […]

Get in the van: Bobby Stuckey, apotheosis of cool

That’s Master Sommelier Bobby Stuckey on the bus yesterday in Friuli talking to our group about why “Sauvignon Blanc is Friuli’s secret weapon.” Bobby’s intense wine knowledge and his all-around good vibe have made this trip an extremely interesting and fun experience (however opulent, it’s still a “march,” with EXHAUSTING 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. […]

Christian Varas is Houston’s “Iron Sommelier,” David Keck leaves Camerata, and Krug à volonté in Boulder, Colorado

Posting on the fly today from Boulder, Colorado where I’m serving as the Boulder Burgundy Festival’s official blogger. The party’s just got started: Last night, bromance Paolo and I attended the festival’s Champagne kick-off event where we and guests were treated to a beefy flight of Krug, including 2002 and 2003 bottlings. Holy cow, people… […]

On my way to Burgundy via Boulder

Above: yep, I’ll be hanging with Robert Bohr and Raj Parr this weekend, drinking ridiculous Burgundy and munching on pizza at Bobby Stuckey and Lachlan Patterson’s Pizzeria Locale in Boulder this weekend. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it… tomorrow I’ll be heading to Boulder, Colorado where I’ll be attending the fourth […]

L’affaire Bressan, wine, and morality

Above: “Between racism, boycotts, and an Italian-style pillory, Fulvio Bressan [has comitted] social media suicide,” wrote Alessandro Morichetti on Italy’s leading wine blog Intravino on Friday. “Fulvio Bressan’s words — beginning with ‘dirty black monkey’ — were shameful and indefensible.” Alessandro, a high-profile Italian wine professional, was among the first to post about his shock […]