Pajata and Poggio di Sotto

Can’t come to Rome without having pajata, small intestines of milk-fed lamb and their contents cooked (yes, the “contents”) cooked in tomato and served over rigatoni (at Renato e Luisa this time). Dining out in Rome is always an adventure and a “challenge.” We’ll post about our hit-and-miss meal when we get back (partly thrilling, […]

A Roman sine qua non: la pajata

No stay in Rome is complete without a serving of rigatoni con la pajata: rigatoni tossed in a tomato sauce made with the small intestines of an unweaned calf, in other words, a calf that has been fed exclusively with its mother’s milk (today, in the post-mad-cow world, it is made with lamb intestines, as […]

Vetri in Philadelphia one of the best meals of my life

Above: Marrow served atop a bread “bone” and sprinkled with bottarga. The food at Vetri in Philadelphia is simply breathtaking. I had the great fortune to dine there last night with my great friend and client Paolo Cantele (and I’ve just posted food photos on his blog CanteleUSA). There were many extraordinary wines poured last […]