Maria Teresa Mascarello speaks Barolo

Of all the Italian appellations, Barolo is among the easiest to pronounce. But when Giovanni and I visited the home of Maria Teresa Mascarello and David Berry Green (“l’inglese”) in November of last year, I couldn’t resist asking her to pose for my video camera. Above: Leftist salame is served in the Mascarello home. Hers […]

Lunch at home with Maria Teresa Mascarello

One of the highlights of my November trip to Italy was a lunchtime visit Giovanni and I made to the home of Maria Teresa Mascarello in the village of Barolo. That’s the gardiniera (above) her cousin made her. It was topped with hard-boiled egg wedges and crumbled olive oil-cured tuna. The combination of textures was […]

Bartolo Mascarello imported by Rare Wine Co. GREAT NEWS!

Above: In November of last year, Giovanni and I visited the village of Barolo and had lunch with Maria Teresa Mascarello, Bartolo Mascarello’s daughter and winemaker at Cantina Bartolo Mascarello. Doug Polaner actually tweeted about this about a month ago but it’s now official: Rare Wine Co. in Sonoma has become Bartolo Mascarello’s U.S. importer. […]

95 B. Mascarello and Alba truffles, a marriage made in heaven

Within the gentle heart Love shelters him, As birds within the green shade of the grove. Before the gentle heart, in Nature’s scheme, Love was not, nor the gentle heart ere Love. (the incipit of “The Gentle Heart,” by Guido Guinizelli, 1230-76) You can keep your DRC, your Bond, your Pétrus… No, those wines are […]

Bartolo Mascarello 2008 Langhe Nebiolo [sic]

Talk about mimetic desire! You can imagine my envy when I read Mr. Franco Ziliani’s post this morning on tasting the 2008 Langhe Nebiolo [sic] by Maria Teresa Mascarello of the Bartolo Mascarello winery in Barolo. For those of you who don’t read Italian, I’ve translated Mr. Ziliani’s tasting notes at VinoWire (here). Maria Teresa […]

Bartolo Mascarello: an academic look at “collective identity, contention, and authenticity”

Above: I met with Franca and Maria Teresa Mascarello back in 2008 in their home. Our mission was to unravel the mystery of the Bartolo Mascarello beret. Yesterday, I received an email from my good friend Josh Kranz who lives and works in New York City: “Thought of you last night – walked by a […]