A new Paolo Bea is born!

and I mean that quite literally… At last night’s sold-out Paolo Bea dinner at Catalan in Houston (with more than 50 lucky souls in attendance), Giampiero Bea shared a photo of his six-month-old son Paolo using his mobile device. However natural the wines, when the winemaker is on the road, away from his newborn, technology […]

Italy’s first 100 percent organic appellation? Italy’s natural wine pioneers see the fruits of their labor

Above: grapes harvested in August 2015 at Ca’ del Bosco, another one of Franciacorta’s “big three” and another winery experimenting with organic farming practices. Producing 4.2 million bottles of wine a year, Guido Berlucchi is Franciacorta’s largest and oldest winery. It’s a powerhouse estate that produces a wide array of wines, ranging from under $15 […]

Natural wine, what the fuss? We have it all wrong…

Above: my now bi-weekly Sykpe sessions with Giampiero Bea — the president of the ViniVeri Consortium of natural winemakers — include a little family time. Our girls are really curious about him and they are starting to get interested in Italian and the fact that their mommy and daddy often speak in Italian. Just when […]

Nuns and wine (Coenobium) and a report from Montalcino

Above: “Decameron” by Waterhouse (1916). The countryside outside the city of Fiesole served as diegetic backdrop in Boccaccio’s Decameron. Fiesole lies in the hills above Florence. If you’ve visited my blog before, you probably have already tasted Coenobium, a wine raised by Cistercian sisters in the Province of Viterbo and vinified by natural winemaker and […]