Vittorio Fusari, humanist gastronome and beloved Franciacorta chef, has died at 66

Vittorio Fusari in 2015 at Dispensa Pani e Vini (Bread and Wine Dispensary), his Franciacorta casual and fine dining restaurant and gourmet food and wine shop. One of Italy’s most beloved chefs, Vittorio Fusari, pioneering gastronome and champion of traditional Italian foodways, has died in Chiari in Brescia Province (Lombardy) not far from Iseo where […]

Wild blackberries, Milanese cutlet sandwiches, and a hike in Franciacorta’s peatlands make for a fine Sunday afternoon

I photographed these wild blackberries as I hiked through Franciacorta’s peatlands this afternoon after lunch. What an amazing, gorgeous visit! Super hot today but the marshland trails were wonderful. With highs in the 90s, today probably wasn’t the best day for hiking in a swamp. A beautiful swamp. But a swamp nonetheless. But on a […]

Franciacorta the movie: a film by Ben and me

Above: Ben (center) and I interviewed Chef Vittorio Fusari (left) in October of last year at his Dispensa Pani e Vini in Franciacorta, one of my favorite restaurants in the world. It all began in September 2008. I was on my way to Italy for a business trip as I was just beginning to launch […]

How Italians eat hamburgers (Italy’s hamburger mania)

Above: as far as Italian hamburgers go, my personal favorite can be found at Vittorio Fusari’s amazing Dispensa Pani e Vini in Franciacorta, where the Brescians’ already healthy appetite for beef has been augmented by the burger craze. Vittorio’s is unconventional but utterly delicious. It seems that Italy has come along way since Katie Parla’s often fruitless […]